In recent times, statistics has shown that most young men either shy away from their responsibilities or are intimidated by the level at which their female counterparts are rising in their career.

To this end, a lot of them are no longer interested in making future plans for marriage while others prefer to postpone the idea.

And for the married ones with insatiable lust for women who prefer to eat their cake and still have it, this is a great opportunity to acquire more women to themselves as mistresses since the single guys have refused to carry the cross.

As usual Bridget Amaraegbu went to town to sample opinions of some single ladies on this issue and here are her findings, enjoy it.

I’d rather be alone — Oluchi Ofoegbu

If he refuses to come up with engagement ring and marriage plans, I’ll rather stay alone than be anybody’s mistress because I don’t believe in that. As a child of God, I’ll go on my knees and ask God to give me my own husband. Every married man should remain with his family. I equally don’t see having a child out of wedlock as a solution and I know that every woman has a husband.

It will never come to that — Nina Bob Chudi, journalist

According to my belief and faith, every man should be able to stick to his wife and children because the Bible says that what God has joined together, let no man/woman put asunder. I am ready to wait for my own husband because I believe God has created a man for me. My faith does not buy the idea of being a mistress.

It’s slavery— Oladunni

Grillo-Vintura Being a mistress is as good as being a slave, so I don’t buy the idea. I’ll rather have my kids and bring them up myself. Most times even in marriage, the men are not always there to take care of the children, some argue that it’s a woman’s job. I’ll be happy to have my kids whether married or not, I don’t care.

No man is worth the honour– Ugo Love Okpara

For me, being a mistress is a higher class of being an Ashawo. I’ll prefer to have my kids and train them myself. I wouldn’t care about any man because they are not worth it. I’ll like to train them in the way and manner that pleases my soul and in the end I’ll be happy I did.

Become mistress to a married man? Never— Inyene Okon, Actress

If the man in question does not come up with marriage proposals, I’ll rather move on with my life because he may not be the right man for me. That will not warrant me to have a child out of wedlock as it is not biblical. I’ll just pray and wait on the Lord and I’m rest assured that my husband will surely come. I will not be mistress to any married man, he should stick to his wife.

My man will surely come — Sasha, Musician

Man proposes and God disposes, If he’s not mine then someone else will. I just can not be a mistress to any man because I’m not prepared to break any home. My man will surely come and when he comes we’ll forever remain happy. I want to have my children in the way God has ordained it.

Count me out— Chinelo Umeh, Actress

After six months to one year in a relationship and the guy does not bring up the issue of marriage, I’ll raise the issue to find out what he has in mind towards me. If I love him so much, I will not let him go. We’ll see the end together. As for being a mistress, I reject that offer anytime even though I know that many ladies do so while they await their guys to propose marriage to them but I don’t like it.

I’d rather become a single parent— Benazir Abdulrahman, Actress

Life is too short to waste for any reason, I’ll rather have my kids instead of wasting my time with any man. Being in a relationship for a very long time without future plans is as good as being a mistress and I’m not ready to be any man’s mistress.

It’s a dangerous game — Muma Gee, Musician

I suppose I would never get to that level for any reason. For the benefit of those who are already in this situation, they should stop making their choices of marriage too high.

They could also look for a young guy whom they can assist to come of standard to marry. The idea of becoming a mistress is terrifying. In doing that you will be hurting so many people including yourself which is not right, you may even end up being killed if you are not very careful. Ladies should learn to make simple choices when it comes to marriage.

I’d rather be on my own— Empress Njamah, Actress

If he doesn’t ask for my hand in marriage after we’ve been together for a while, I’ll not choose the option of being any man’s mistress nor will I want to have children out of wedlock. I’ll rather stay on my own, every married man should face his family.

It’s a curse — Funmi Eko, Actress

I like to respect marriage institution the way God has made it so I’m not interested in breaking any home. Being his mistress will amount to stealing his family’s attention and ruining my own future. I’ll wait for my own husband whenever he comes. I also do not like the idea of having children outside wedlock because such children always have their deficiencies and I don’t want my children to suffer that.