As a round-up of Celeb Police’ earlier report on the unfolding mind-blowing cost of Zahra Buhari’s wedding to billionaire Ahmed Indimi, we deem it necessary to give you the scoop on what President Buhari actually collected as bride price.

According to inside sources, the president collected 12 gold coins as bride for his daughter from Ahmed, something in the region of N250,000. Cultural order requires a customary payment of a bride price by the groom’s family. The price starts from the minimum amount called “Rubu Dinar” in Hausa, an Arabic phrase translated as “quarter kilogram of gold piece” to the highest amount the man can afford to pay.  The preference however is for the bride price to be as low as possible because Islamic teaching teaches humility to get Allah’s blessing. Although Ahmed’s gold coins is well in excess of the “Rubu Dinar” in terms of value, he has the means to pay

Do you think Mr President just got ‘paid?’. Celeb Police thinks it’s a modest amount after all. That’s if you attempt to sum up the overall cost of the mult-million naira wedding and the billionaire status of Zahra’s hubby.

Congratulations is in order.