Popular On Air Personality (OAP) with Wazobia FM in Lagos, Steve Onu, better known as Yaw, has urged single men to stop giving excuses that there are no well-behaved ladies to marry.

The actor turned OAP stated that what most guys do is to use and dump ladies on flimsy excuses.

According to him, some men are after material things and never try to think of marriage.

“Contrary to the excuse of most young guys that ‘good wife materials’ are difficult to find, so many young ladies got married in 2014,” he pointed out.

“To the single guys who spent the whole of 2014, ‘sampling’ babes and dumping them for flimsy excuses and surprisingly watching the same babes get married to more serious guys, you have another chance in 2015,” he said.

“Guys, please don’t spend the whole of 2015; popping champagne, changing cars, sagging pants and showing your swags while wasting time waiting for a blend of Mother Theresa and Beyonce as wife material. Select one out of the babes you have almost wrecked and groom as wife before you run out of best men for your wedding,” he warned.

“Truth is, we don’t have ‘bride materials’ because of too many inexperienced ‘bridegrooms’,” he concluded.