Few years ago, when the song of popular Ajegunle (Nigeria) based duo Mad Melon and Mountain Black known as ‘Danfo Drivers’ was used in the American movie “PHAT GIRLZ’, many thought that they would at least achieve some level of fortune and get more famous.
For Danfo Drivers, the reverse is the case, http://www.nigeriafilms.com has gathered. According to the duo, till date they have earned no dime from the usage of their song.The chorus “I am a danfo driver suo!” was so popular, even amongst the elite that Ben Bruce even engaged them to perform at the Mr. Nigeria world some years back.

http://www.nigeriafilms.com gathered that low experience, exposure and greed on the part of Cornerstone their erstwhile management has continued to rob the guys of every opportunity to get something from the producer of the film.
Instead of pushing for a good representation of their royalty, we gathered that Cornerstone pick up a quarrel with the guys over sharing formula, when they were yet to be paid.

Sources hinted that Tuface Idibia, another Nigerian who had his track “Africa Queen’ used in the movie on it to further launch his career t the international scene. It was big hype from his management team handled by Kenny Ogungbe (Keke) and D-One. We also gathered they were paid by the owner of the film.

Right now, Danfo Drivers are now living in a pitiable condition. Their accommodation feeding and general packaging is nothing to write home about. We got across to D & I , their new management company in Nigeria and they confirmed the issue of Phat Girlz to us. They Isaiah, one of the twins who owned the label told us gistmaster.com they are doing everything within reach to bring the musicians back to their right position in the industry.

PHAT GIRLZ was a classic comedy that starring one of America’s biggest female comedian, Monique and Jimmy Jean-Louis. Monique acted the role of Jazmin Biltmore, a voluptuous Afro-American who was confident that despite her robust shape she is proud and sexy. She later met a supposed Nigerian (acted by Jimmy Jean-Louis) medical doctor who was in the US for a training programme.A more reason why she is seen as Pretty, Hot And Tick (PHAT) and not fat!

Will they they turn out to be owners of Hummer,limousine etc with their talent or continue to be danfo drivers? Only time will tell.Meshango, their new work is already enjoying good air play on TV.