Actor Yemi Solade on Monday posted photos of himself rocking an agbada outfit to celebrate his 62nd birthday. The actor shared the photos on Instagram as he expressed gratitude to God for another year.

“ANOTHER 365 DAYS of GOD’S LOVE. I am grateful to GOD for HIS endless blessings over me. Everything I have and all that I am are proofs of HIS endless love over me.

“I bless GOD for this day, for giving me another year in HIS untold love. I am blessed to see today! And my prayers are that I will love to praise GOD in all I do,” he wrote.

On his 60th birthday, the Voiceless Scream actor shared an ode from his wife, Hannah.

“You are my Life. You and me. Together make an awesome pair. Our combination is very rare. When minds are alike the love is true. I think I always knew that we are destined to be this way. I don’t have many words to say, I love you, Happy Birthday My Creative Husband!” she said.

Yemi and Hannah have two children – Rola and Fela.

Meanwhile, Veteran actress Patience Ozokwo has celebrated her granddaughter Jayna on her 5th birthday.

The 63-year-old shared a photo of herself and the girl in an Instagram story on Monday.

Celebrating her, she wrote: “Happy birthday Jayna you are blessed always, my dear.”

In September 202, the actress posted stunning photos of herself and her granddaughter Precious in matching outfits to celebrate their birthday.

“First time we are celebrating together. Happy 5th birthday to my precious Granddaughter,” she wrote.

Also known as Mama G, Patience is the mother of three biological children and five adopted children.

In September 2020, she showed off her 14 grandchildren on Instagram.