Tessy Aniesi is a name more suited to the restoration of indigenous gospel music in Nigeria. Her rendition of gospel songs in her ‘Anam’ dialect is tighter than the cut and patch studio enhancement touches we have today. Back to back winner of the most coveted musical teen trophy in her state for five consecutive years. Tessy whose album “Solid Praise” is already generating a lot of reviews in this chat with Citytracker, talked about her life, career in music and modeling. Excerpts.

How did it all start?

I must say that I was born into music, my father and mother are both choir leaders in their respective groups. My father was taught music by a white Roman Catholic Reverend father.
My father passed all the wealth of experience to my mother and when I was born, it happened that the music gene was passed on to me too.

I noticed the zeal to sing started developing in me when I was about seven years old. With time my interest in music grew until I found myself making gospel music albums.

How far do you intent to go with your gospel music career?
I want to be a missionary with my music. I want to take the gospel of our lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to all the ends of the World, using my dialect to power it on.

How did people react when you told them you are still a virgin?
They are shocked especially with the degree of moral decadence in our society today and when you also consider the fact that I am a model. Yes I am a model and I am still a virgin. It’s a decision I made along time ago. I vowed to remain a virgin till I am married. I thank God for giving me the ability to keep that promise. I believe every young girl should keep herself pure until she is married.

However I am happy to inform you that very soon I would loose that status because someone is waiting earnestly to walk me down the isle.

How would you class the impact of gospel music in Nigeria?

Gospel music has achieved its objective. A lot of people who shy away from attending church services have been drawn to God through gospel music. He is already winning millions to himself through gospel music.

How many tracks are there in your album?

There are eight tracks and they are mostly in Igbo language: ‘Agamewere’, ‘Praise God’ ‘My God show me your way’, and ‘namdindu’.

The rest are ‘Ihenine’ ‘Dalu’, ‘Toya’, and ‘Amaragi Chukwuoma’.

I performed all my tracks in my Igbo dialect because I want to start from my roots and also show the whole world how we praise God with our language.

Tell us about these awards you have won.

These were the trophies won from 1997 2007 back to back in Anambra state during the Secondary School Musical Competition and other musical competitions I have been part of.

The marriage between music and school

I enjoyed both. My music career in anyway did not affect my education. There is time for everything. Music as a matter of fact helped me to relate better to my environment, people around me and my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

How lucrative has your venture into Modeling been?

Although I have done a couple of commercials, I am still learning the ropes, I have a modeling agent who does most of the road work but the truth is I can never do any thing that will put a question mark my devotion to God.
My kind of business is not about digits but about dignity and integrity to the name of him who has called me out of darkness into his marvelous light.

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