YINKA Ayefele returned to the country with his 14-member band from Canada on Wednesday night after spending about five weeks in the North American country.The performance tour of the Merry Makers

band in Canada was facilitated by Yinka Farinde of Abedorc Productions, a foremost music and arts promotions company in Toronto.

The band’s tour of Canada was a success, according to Ayefele.“ The best word to describe the tour is success. We thrilled our fans in Canada and we were all happy,” he said.

The band’s first performance was at the Edessa Banquet Hall A & B, Albion Road, Toronto. The band also performed at Windsor and rested for five days before mounting the stage again for an all white party affairs on May 14 at the Lunar Ballroom, 30 Gordon Mackay Road, Toronto.

Most of the shows which attracted fans of the band from the United States of America and neighbouring countries continued with another performance for the Egbe Omo Yoruba in Canada and another performance in Montreal, on Sunday, May 23.