There are things you don’t tell fans if you are a celebrity. For Yomi Casual, the younger brother of comedian AY, he doesn’t know this. He has brought coals of fire on his head for making some comments that put celebrity as demi-gods above their fans.

He had made it known that the access social media provides fans to celebrities should be seen as a privilege. Things never went down well after he said this.

He said “If you pay attention to every frustrated and jobless being on social medial [sic], u might end up before your time..some d$ck head thinks they can say shit about every celebrity on instagram and twitter when they are having personal issues.” Going further, he added “I put the blame on “21st century” where social media gives you direct access to relate with a celebrity one on one”.

He added “SEE IT AS A PRIVILEGE TO BE ON THEIR PAGE” Something that has really angered a lot of people. Trust Nigerians, they don’t waste time in putting you where you belong, if you misbehaves with words. The insult he is receiving on the social media is still on.