Nollywood actor, Yomi Fabiyi, has announced his decision to end his marriage to his British wife of four years due to irreconcilable differences.

The popular actor in a lengthy message he shared on social media lamented the fact that people tend to misconstrue his noble intentions adding that he was not going to change his ways any time soon. He said that he was no longer happy with the marriage as his wife refused to relocate to Nigeria permanently and that he was not ready to move to the UK as his wife, Fran wished him to.

He said of the proposed split from his Caucasian wife, “Hopefully Fran accepts my proposition to end this marriage now as I cannot continue this way, AM NOT HAPPY anymore as we edge close to the 4th year anniversary. Fran is such a beautiful woman, supportive and wish I come live in England, take up employment and study. I HAVE USED HER DOCUMENTS TO RENEW MY NORMAL VISA ONLY, so no question she is not willing, I NEVER said that. With all humility, if she never promised me she is coming to take up employment in Nigeria and live with me, maybe we may not have secured the dating. I have made it abundantly clear I am not prepared to live abroad as my career was just gathering shape then. I decor wedding hall Nigeria colour on purpose.

The outlook of my choice may look familiar to those marriages but I never thought people will think of me that way. I have to live with that but sometimes it can be so bruising.”