Popular Nollywood actor, Yomi Fabiyi, has assured that the daughters of late actress, Moji Olaiya, were going to be adequately catered for.


The actor who served as Press Officer on the committee that successfully brought down the actress’ corpse from Canada and organised a befitting burial ceremony for her said that the late actress’ spirit was already directing help towards her daughters.

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In a chat Daniel Fayemi this afternoon, the actor said that a good number of individuals were making contributions to the children’s upkeep.

He said, “Individuals have been doing that. A certain foundation has been trying to support which we encouraged. Friends gathered in UK and USA and planned to equally send their widows mites. If after eight days we have excesses, we have agreed to give their grandmother in addition to the ones we gave initially. The spirit of their mother will direct help from all corners to them. Most cases like this, help may not come from family and friends only.

Revealing the challenges the committee faced in organising the burial that took place yesterday at the Ikoyi Cemetary, Lagos, he confessed that it took the committee three days to convince the late actress’ family to fly her corpse home for burial as they had already decided to have her buried in Canada where she died. He, however, said that all their efforts were not in vain as they felt fulfilled that they got all desired results.

“We ran on a very tight schedule. I guess there was a quicker decision by the family to have her buried over there as most saddled with the decisions were older and did not want to go through the rigours of bringing her home. We had a maximum of three days to convince the family that we had the resources to bring her down should they opt for our suggestion to let us bring her body home and re-unite the two months old daughter with the family as quickly as possible. Some of us terminated some filming engagements that may hurt our availability. We made frantic calls and had meetings and deliberations late at night each day. But we are not complaining though, we’re happy we did it” he maintained.