Second runner up of the just concluded Big Brother Nigeria TV show Tobi Bakre has been accused by a lady who claimed to have dated him while he was UNILAG of cheating on her while they were together.

Tobi who was referred to by many Nigerians as a Yoruba Demon when the show was just at infancy due to his actions with Cee-C has been accused of exhibiting the lifestyle of a real Yoruba demon.

According to a user on Twitter identified as Alex Oluwatobi, the so-called ex-girlfriend expressed so much bitterness as she revealed to him that ex-housemate Tobi slept with her friend while dating her.

The post reads;

“I met this stranger and she started telling me about how she hates Tobi #BBNaija so much, how the guy dated her back then in UNILAG and also slept with her friend. I could feel the bitterness in her expression. After the conversation, she asked for my name I told her Chibuzor. I guess he cheated on her blablabla… Who cares anyways? Real life o….after church today.” He wrote.

Tobi is now everywhere fellow housemate Alex and he is even of the opinion that he wants to date her if he is given the chance by Alex.

With this is it not obvious that Tobi is a Yoruba Demon and may only want to hurt Alex?