Unlike in many professions, acting allows for actors and actresses who are married, to still continue to keep their jobs, and their marriages, at the same. In other professions, no married couple can co.-work in the same place, office or establishment, one of them must resign and leave the office for the other partner to continue on the job. This is not so in acting. There are many actors and actresses who are legally married, and they still both keep their jobs, they more often than not act together in films, most times at cross purposes.

In this piece, Yoruba Movie Gist writes about some Yoruba movie couples you hardly see together but who are still acting, and at the same time keeping their homes

This is a story of veteran actress, Fausat and Rafiu Balogun, Esther Kalejaye and Afeez Eniola, Lukman Raji and Aminatu Papapa, Toyin and Sunday Adewale, as well as Toyin Aimakhu and Niyi Johnson.

This set of couple are very good when it comes to role interpretations, their acting prowess is extra-ordinary. They are legally married with children but you hardly see them together.

Fausat and Rafiu Balogun are good example of the movie couples you hardly see together. Fausat Balogun a.k.a Madam Saje is one actress who many upcoming actresses look up to as role model. She has a scandal free career. This Kwara State born actress is married to an actor, scriptwritter and movie producer, Rafiu Balogun. Only few people in and outside the industry knows that they are husband and wife due to the way they comport themselves in the public. Rafiu and Fausat Balogun met in the industry many years ago, after which the actor, who was her boss then proposed to her and they got married.

Another celebrity movie couple on this list is Toyin and Sunday Adewale, Toyin is one of the highly sought-after actresses in the Yoruba movie industry. She started her acting career in primary school but professionally in 1988. Her 1st blockbuster film was ‘Irepodun’ by Korede Films in which she played the lead role.

Toyin met her husband, Sunday Adewale at Rimax Institute, Ojokoro, Lagos where she studied Dramatic Arts, and they are at the moment almost 20 years in marriage. Sunday Ademola Adewale is a movie director, he also acts in few films. He doubles as a script-writer. He is tall, dark and handsome.

Afeez Eniola and Esther Kalejaye, is a popular movie producer , actor and script writer in the Yoruba Movie industry. He joined the industry many years ago through the help of star actress, Bose Olubo. He has since produced and featured in over 30 bluckbuster flicks. Last year, Afeez walked down the aisle with Esther Kalejaye a.k.a Omo Joyinbo. The 2 are movie couple you hardly see talking or relating together.

The next couple is popular actress, Bukky Adekongbe better known as Aminatu Papapa and Lukman Raji a.k.a King of Swagga. Undoubtedly, they are good in role interpretation especially as ‘Tout”. Bukky delved into acting a couple of years back under Murphy Afolabi’s caucus and she has featured in several hit movies. She has also produced thriller movies, like Aminatu Papapa, Omo Oro and others. The Epe, Lagos State born actress is married to Lukman Raji. During the shooting of Aminatu Papapa Part 1, she was 3 months pregnant for the King of Swagga and put to bed a baby girl before the concluding part of the movie was shot. Without you been told, one can hardly know they are husband and wife with a kid.

The last couple on this list is Toyin Aimakhu and Niyi Johnson. Though, they are both in the same industry, but different sectors. Toyin is renowned for her prowess in interpreting movie roles, while Niyi was at home with Soap Operas before he decided to go into Yoruba movie industry to act, until they got married recently, you hardly see them together.

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