It is not every time you continue to work for someone and get paid, to some stage, it is good to be a boss of your own and employ the services of others and that has  been part of the success story of popular Yoruba movie producer, Kazeem Bello.

Kazeem Bello is one of the most sought after set designer in the Yoruba genre of Nollywood as he has been part of most of the blockbusters ever produced, with his first ever movie produced ‘Baba Ibe.”

Having enjoyed his journey so far in the industry, Kazzem over the weekend decided to bid farewell to bachelorhood as he got married to his long time girlfriend, Akeju Abiodun.

The wedding saw the likes of Taiwo Hassan, Baba Suwe and many other friends in attendance. With so much glamour, one is left with no choice to understand how happy and how long it took them to plan such elaborate wedding.