The story of Senator Ben Bruce being barred from speaking with  President Muhammadu Buhari has generated a lot of issues.

 For the first time the senator has found himself under fire that even oga Freeze has referred to him as Judas Iscariot, the betrayal.

Some of the senators are against him and had denied that Buhari prevented anyone from coming close to him during their dinner. Ben had narrated his experience “I was at the Presidential villa today. Went to the President’s table. DSS would not allow me greet him but let another Senator greet him! I have nothing against the President, however, nobody is too important to be criticized and my mouth will never be silenced!”

But Senator Shehu Sani denied such “We met with Mr President at the Villa yesternight.He was frank and blunt with us and we were honest with him.He addressed us, and those nominated to speak responded,raised issues and asked questions of which he answered.I actually wanted to speak but I was not so lucky.”

He added  “I was surprised to learn that one of us later disclosed that he was prevented by security agents from coming close to Mr President.I personally experienced NO such.And I don’t think Mr President can bar any legislature from coming close to him for holding different opinion on National issues. I always have an independent mind and will always speak my mind when there is the need to do so; For decades, Mr President knows me for that and still respect me for that. Its not everything the security agents does that Mr President will know.”

Freeze added  to the story “Dear Uncle Ben, I think PMB learnt from JESUS! It’s not everyone you allow to come close to you at dinner time as they could plant a kiss and we all know what comes next,” he said