During the movie production process, the irrelevant scenes are deleted or sourced from ‘junks’ thereby almost little money or no money is spent. But Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim thinks otherwise.

Jewelz Productions is currently working to bring to the scene the block buster, ‘Every Woman Has A Story’ and the CEO, Juliet Ibrahim is taking every precaution to put life into every scene. She intends to add glamour to the cut aways too.

Juliet Ibrahim and her Director of Photography, Sammy Tugar recently flew to South Africa to shoot some few scenes for the movie. These movie scenes are those that most producers do away with.

She intends to make the movie one of the best ever produced films on the African continent through every sphere of the film. Also it would be recalled that she flew her production manager/location manager, Moses Nene Portuphy, to South Africa on locations scoutings.