You don’t know my parents from what you see on social media – 2Baba’s daughter, Isabella

Isabella Idibia, the eldest daughter of Nigerian music legend, 2Baba, and his wife, Annie Idibia, has said fans don’t know the reality of what is going on in her parents’ marriage.

Isabella expressed her displeasure over the way her parents were portrayed in the 2022 South African reality show, ‘Young, Famous and African.’

In the first and second seasons of the reality show, Annie was portrayed as a nagging wife who continues to endure her abusive marriage despite her husband, 2Baba boldly declaring to other stars on the show in the presence of his wife that “men are wired to cheat.”

In a video message shared via her social media handle recently, Isabella said the way her parents were portrayed in the reality show was “so wrong.”

She insisted that it wasn’t the “best image and it wasn’t completely accurate.”

She said, “I think the way my parents were portrayed in ‘Young, Famous and African’ is just so wrong.

“Whenever I tried to back my parents up that that is not what happened, everyone would be like, ‘How would you know? You are still a child.’ How would you know? You are not in my family. Your knowledge is based on stuff that you see on social media.

“I know it because I’ve been in the household with my parents. I can’t change everyone’s perspective on social media because people on social media would always think what people on social media want to think. But honestly, they would never know the actual true story of anything in my family or anything that has happened before I was even born.

“The way my parents were portrayed in ‘Young, Famous and African’ wasn’t the best image and wasn’t completely accurate.”