The instagram account of Kenyan socialite, model and media personality, Vera Sidika, has been hacked and the hackers have announced that the account has already been sold to someone else.


Drama started moments ago when fans could no longer find the socialite’s page on Instagram. And folks who have her page on their notification noticed that the page name was changed multiple times.

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Many followers and fans of the renowned video vixen have been lending support, but a certain social media user, katebosset a Kenyan who claims she spoken to Vera accused Vera’s Nigerian former lover and business man, Oriyomi Johnson as the brain behind the hacking “this account has been hacked!!!, Vera told me so, by the bitter ex-boyfriend”.

Recall that the duo separated in May and then proceeded to drag themselves on social media, with Oriyomi accusing the socialite of prostitution, while she claimed he is into fraudulent business.

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Their drama peaked following Oriyomi’s interview with a Kenyan blog in which he claimed that Sidika aborted their baby. His comments turned out to be ammunition for Vera Sidika, because she hit him with a petty response: that she lied about the said pregnancy.