Nollywood  actress Mercy Aigbe-Gentry has chosen the perfect weapon to deal with ladies who may want to snatch her husband from her. She has decided to start wearing booty shorts  to increase her seductive games towards her husband so that he doesn’t look outside.

 She was asked if she wears booty shots at home and she said “I wear bumshots so that all those toothpick leg girls will not snatch my husband. I do oh…I do” However, fans came for her “If you are doing that so that your man would not be snatched, then I pity you. You never jam serious snatchers. 

Any man that wants to be snatched would be snatched. If you like do snake in monkey’s shadow style on the bed. Just pray to God. That is the only factor that can keep your home.”

She was further attacked “Lol… she wish, this men that are goats, she fine reach Caroline danjuma? Then her hubby still cheated a thousand times, abeg do it for yourself, don’t  fool yourself so it won’t shock you a bit when you find out…Mercy no be by bum short o…if u like wear pant dey waka for street everyday if he’s gonna leave you for someone else he would…sometimes we are like Oliver Twist, we always want more…”