In a recent interview,Mercy Aigbe opens up on why she married a divorcee socialite, Lanre Gentry, motherhood and how she deals with male admirers and many other issues. Enjoy

Would you say that you have been lucky with scandals as an actress?

No, but I think that as an actress, I have been scandal free. All the stories that have been written about me were written by just one person at that particular period of time, I have never had a major scandal. I don’t think that I have had any big scandal up till now. Aside from the time one freelance journalist was publishing false news about me on the internet, the only news that was in the papers was when I began dating my husband. It was really celebrated because everybody saw that my husband was a married man.

The tale then was that you are the second wife of your husband…how true is that?

I am not! I married my husband as a divorcee. But people actually saw something else that my husband was a married man and they began to fabricate all manner of stories. She is dating a married man and I just let them write what they liked. However, being married has not changed anything for me.

What has motherhood changed about you?

I used to attend public events but not any longer. Of course, I do go out once in a while but I am not a night club person. I don’t go to parties. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I just love my job. All I do is to work and it has been like that for me since day one. And I think the only difference now is just that, I have to be more responsible in the sense that, I am now a wife and have always been a mother and now I have an addition to my responsibility as a mother of two and a wife to someone. Unlike when I was still a single mother, when I will just take my daughter to my mum. But now, I have to do everything. I think that is the only thing that has changed about me.

Let me put this question to you; do you agree with a notion that young guys are irresponsible and that is why ladies go for matured men?

Like what I always say, age is just a number. You can find a guy who is 25, yet can be more mature than a 60 year-old man. You know it is not about the age thing; maturity does not have to do with the age. That is my belief. It is not your age that matters but your level of maturity. I just believe that why I married my husband was because I met him and fell in love with him. Secondly, I like the way he handles matters maturely. Probably, if I had found someone younger than him that is the same I will still marry him. I just married him because of his attributes, his character, he is loving, caring and is very understanding.

As a married woman, how do you handle men?

Of course, they would come (laughs). Who no like better thing? Of course they see me and I see it as a good thing that people still see me and admire me. My husband even likes it when he knows that people still admire me. When I know people admire me, it gives me some certain confidence. I don’t let it go beyond normal. I don’t think they have increased now that I am married. Is it when I am on location that people will come and woo me? When I am not indoors then I am helping to oversee my husband’s hotel business?