Stretch marks have been of enormous concern for many women all over the world, women who are conscious of their bodies and looks. Today, more and more people are falling prey to stretch marks, especially when many feel it tends to diminish their confidence level when it comes to revealing that part of their body.

Beauticians say stretch mark is not an ailment in itself, but has become a serious cause of concern, as it stands in the way of women’s beauty.

It’s important to know about the causes responsible for the formation of stretch marks, says Bankole Adams, a beautician: “When the skin around an area gets overstretched, it tends to lose its elasticity. The sudden expansion and contraction of the skin causes abnormal collagen formation that paves way for the occurrence of stretch marks on the body. The areas where the stretch marks usually tend to arise are breasts, arms, thighs, hips, buttocks and abdomen. Obesity and stretch marks usually go hand-in-hand.”

There are many factors that can be held responsible for giving rise to these ugly marks; one being body building. Weight training increases the body mass, which in turn leads to the generation of stretch marks. Most people don’t know that body building causes stretch marks,” says Bunmi Oni, a gym instructor. Stretch marks are something that people usually try to escape from, yet while engaging in body building, they tend to mar their whole personality.”

Stretch marks are one of the most common features prevalent at the time of and after pregnancy. There are a couple of things one can do to keep away from the clutches of the stubborn stretch marks. “Regular workout helps a great deal to combat stretch marks,” explains Oni.

Having stretch marks on the body is a very frightening fact and can be difficult to accept but it can be prevented. “It is indeed a daunting task to get rid of the stubborn stretch marks. Their presence gives a feeling of disgust and frustration. They are a dirty spot on the skin that draw unwanted attention,” says Adams.

The good news is that experts have also come up with some home remedy for stretch marks. “Stretch mark is a skin problem that occurs due to contraction and expansion of the skin,” explains Obi Nnamdi, a skin care expert. It can victimise anyone, irrespective of caste, sex, etc. but when in treating stretch marks, most people look for natural ways as they are no side effects associated with such.”