Nollywood actress Yvonne Jegede has stated in an Instagram post that she is concerned with how netizens judge her assets and worth by the contents that she shares on social media.

The actress stated that most social media users do not respect celebrities who are do not follow trend simply because they choose to live surreptitiously.

In the concluding part of her post, Jegede mentioned that social media trolls should desist from making mockery of people who do not want to share their private life online.

She wrote;

“The other day I posted something about a car and a new camera phone and I got a comment that got me thinking ? * Common sense is not so common nowadays.

“If you don’t post on social media they assume your life is messed up! And that you don’t have anything.

“Your Wealth/ success is Measured by what you post on social media these days! …..We live in a messed up society.”