Once upon a time child bride and cougar, Obot Etuk who is presently a Pastor has task young women never to give into s-x before marriage because this is a sin.

The single mother of three charge girls to stay away from any man that desires to bed them before their wedding night because such a man does not love them.

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My young lady……..
if he is insisting on s-x before marriage, he is not the man for you. You cannot use sex to prove love. Goats have s-x. Infact, dogs have sex and everywhere too but they are not in love.

If sex means love, then the prostitute should fall in love with every man she has s-x with.

S-x is meant for marriage young lady. Waiting is the real love. It is mark of maturity. That is the kind of man you should say yes to, not the one that wants you to compromise your virtue, pride, dignity, just to satisfy his lust.

And how many will you love cos I’m sure he’s not the only man you’ve had s-x with