YouTube pays me more than all platforms — Sirbalo

Content creator, Timothy Obotuke, aka Sirbalo, has disclosed that his YouTube account pays him more than all other social media accounts he operates.

The actor has over 20 million followers across social media platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

He, however, singled out YouTube as his favourite saying, “YouTube is my favourite social media platform, because it is less stressful in terms of monetisation. I also derive joy in creating longer content there.”

Sirbalo, who was recently said to have acquired a N270m G-Wagon automobile, admitted that though he makes a lot of money from content creation, he does not want to disclose exactly how much he makes.

He said, “For security reasons, I won’t like to disclose how much I make from all my platforms, but it is safe to say that I make enough to acquire whatever I need without having to bother anyone.

“In terms of how I have evolved, the projects I can handle now are way more advanced than what I handled two years ago. An example is the ‘High School Magical’ series. Indeed, it is a big business, because I make a decent amount of money from the content I put out for my fans.

“It has always been my dream to be financially independent, so being able to do this is a huge blessing for me.”