Nigerian popular actor Yul Edochie has washed his hands off the latest Facebook post of him pledging to give out 50k each to his loyal fans.

 The movie star who is also the son of veteran actor, Pete Edochie stressed that he is not so buoyant, especially in the present economic situation of the country to give out such amount.

He added that such promises can only come from ‘Jobless Scammers’. 


yul edochie555.PNG


According to him, “SCAM ALERT!!! Naija boys ooo!!! I just came across this page on facebook. The scamming these days is really terrible. And people are actually falling for this. Ask yourself: Where i see that kind money to give away??? For this Buhari period?? Even politicians ain’t giving such. When federal government cant even pay 5k to unemployed youths. Its a scam oo. Its not my page. Its so annoying, no matter how much you report these pages, Facebook still allows them to open more. To these fraudsters, i understand that times are hard but pls, you are spoiling my name with all the rubbish you are doing. Find another work. Abeg!!!