Yul, May Edochie’s divorce case put on hold

The divorce proceedings between actor Yul Edochie and his estranged wife May have been further delayed.

The case was stalled due to the absence of Yul’s lawyer at the Federal High Court in Abuja where the case is ongoing.

The development was made known by May’s lawyer via a Facebook post where he noted that the defense lawyer was absent due to health issues.

“Trial could not go ahead today as scheduled because two days ago, He proposed several dates in the future as an alternative and requested the court to pardon him,” the statement reads.

“Usually, the court would give the lawyer the benefit of the doubt in such a situation. May’s lawyers would not like to question the integrity of the opponent directly, even though the excuse was a tendentious occurrence.

“Today in court Mr Yul Edochie was present but without his counsel. The court could not hear any substantive matter. A new date had been set in June. We are all concerned about delays and protection of this case.

“But we remain confident that justice will be done in due course by this court. As you know, several issues are involved: from the activities of the parties in social media to the welfare of the children, to the issues of marital properties, the safety of May, and the final status of the marriage itself.”

Edochie has been in the news for controversial reasons since he unveiled Judy Austin as his second wife in April 2022.

He also announced their first child together — to the displeasure of his first wife, May.

In August 2023, May filed for divorce from Yul and demanded N100 million in damages from Judy “for adultery with her husband”.

The case was initially delayed at the high court in Abuja in March. DPA Family Clinic, May’s legal representatives, also claimed that Yul had denied getting married to Judy.