After Bred’s threats to beat up ying6ix and his crew went viral recently, it only kept people wondering what actually is the problem the duo is having.

With such threat, it was expected that the self acclaimed millionaire, yung6ix, replies. But he has been silent about the whole issue.

However, An affiliate took up the mantle and replied. Although it’s not certain if he was sent by yung6ix or just out of his own volition.

He wrote:” Scientist are looking for ways to cure cancer, Bred is looking for ways to trend. You failed as an artiste, so you had to be downgraded to the level of video vixen and back up singer. Yung6ix is the king of south, if you come for my man 6ix,I will come for your whole squad, starting from David and spill some juicy gist.stay your lane, leave my team KKTBM alone. Tell David to stop sleeping with prostitute’s without condom and get danagog a stylist,makeup artiste,songwriter and new life. The back sit is where you will always belong.”

The year is still young and we have experienced quite a number of beefs between artiste, just imagining who the next duo beefing themselves would be.