Former Nollywood actress, Regina Askia Williams has joined the bandwagon of Nigerians who are asking that President Muhammadu Buhari break out of his silence on the recent religious murders.


She has told the president in her letter: “Dear Mr President, Yet another open letter on murders. Why are you so silent, Mr. President Sir? Your deafening silence is looking like tacit approval. We are very worried Mr. President Sir,” the letter read.

This is the second letter that she has written to the president, earlier this year she asked him “…How is it that violence and deaths still hold sway? My hope and prayer was that on your ascension you would deploy our military with fiat and alacrity armed to the teeth and silence or at least contain Boko Haram. My prayer was that as a seasoned General you would not only flush out kingpins and barons but retrieve the loot as you napped them one after the other but we see them working for you. Is this the change you promised us Mr President? Maybe I don’t fully understand how these things work but I know one truth ‘Women with babies on their back should not be slaughtered in their farms while out there striving to make ends meet’.

Also, Halima Abubakar, has also taken to social media to question President Buhari’s priorities with the unrest in the country.