Ngozi Orji

Ngozi Orji, the wife of the veteran actor Zack orji has revealed her intention to release a musical album next year.

She said she has been singing all her life as a praise minister or worship leader . She started singing professionally 20years years ago.

She also revealed that she has traveled to different parts of the world doing music.In her words, “My career as a gospel artiste has taken me to different countries like Ghana and the UK. Now is time for me to do a compilation of all the songs I have written and composed over the years, and bless the world with them. I have dropped two singles: Chim No Nso and N’ime Jehovah, which are making waves. I sing in Igbo and Pidgin English I wish to praise the Lord with these songs and express my gift on a larger scale by extending it to a wider audience”

Answering if she was worried about gospel artistes not getting enough endorsements like the circular musicians, she said,” I think it’s a corporate policy thing. This is my personal opinion; I’m not generalising. Some corporate bodies do not want to spend their money on gospel artistes. Probably, they feel they might not make reasonable returns or that the music might not give their brands the desired mileage or clout that they might get from secular artistes.

However, the truth is that, gospel music has a limited audience unlike secular music that enjoys the patronage of all segments of the Nigerian public. Another reason might be the fact that most of them want to separate religion from business. They are for business and are not ready for any religious controversy, which might have a negative spillover effect on their brands. However, I think we will get there; it’s a gradual process.

She said she had no regret marrying her husband because he has been a good, husband and father .Seh added that fans should lok forward to debuts album next year.