Zenith Bank is known to be a very good new generation bank, but what is coming out from the bank in recent times is not encouraging.

The bank is now being touted to be involved in several overcharging mess which runs into millions of Naira. Information emanating from the bank indicates that things are not working well with the financial institution at all, as they try at all cost to maximize their profit. If your bank is Zenith Bank Nig. Plc, then this advice is for you. The next time you are thinking of making a loan application with the financial institution please, think at least twice, before doing so. Why, you might want to ask, well the reasons are not far-fetched. According to exclusive information made available to Theoctopusnews by a source Zenith Bank Nig. Plc, one of the supposed leading financial institutions in Nigeria is alleged to be in the fore front of banks alleged to have defrauded its customers of six billion Naira in 2012. The source revealed that the evidence at the Central Bank’s disposal is awesome and the Sanusi Lamido Sanusi-led (CBN is already watching the bank and would be forced to single it out for retribution if the same happens by the end of this year. Theoctopusnews also learnt that due to the fact that the Consumer Protection Director had not warned the bank on such issues prior to the formation of her office, she had gone ahead to simply debit the account of the bank and other banks involved in the scam. This is not the first time Zenith Bank Nig. Plc will be alleged of overcharging its customers, as in 2012, the bank was sued by Tridac Nig. Limited for overcharging its account to the tune of 20 million naira.  Then, the case was filed at the High Court of Lagos State under Justice Obadina. However, it was settled out of court when the Legal Department of the bank advised the then Managing Director Jim Ovia that they would lose massively in an open court. Zenith Bank Nig. Plc then asked Tridac Nig. Ltd to paid 9 million naira instead of the 20 million naira they had initially claimed the company owed them. If you think this kind of treatment is only being meted out to customers with fat accounts and it does not concern you, because you have less than N100,000, in your account well, be informed that even customers with lesser money in their account have also been victims of this alleged calculated fraud. Over the years, several retail accounts holders have at one point or the other alleged the bank of several unexplainable banking charges being deducted from their account without explanation. As it is now, most elites with serious money in Zenith Bank Nig. Plc are employing eagle-eye financial experts to peruse their monthly statements of account the moment they receive them, while on the part of the average customers, it is an issue of suffering and smiling, as most of them are tolerating the whole fraud just to maintain their account with the bank. When we contacted Victor Adoji, the spokesperson of the bank on the issue he refused to respond to our messages.