Relationship is one of most interesting phase of our lives and it comes with a lot of challenges as well.

Moving on after a broken relationship can be very difficult and for some people it takes months which turns to years before getting over their ex.

But people make some mistakes which makes it hard on them to get over their ex and here are some things you can do to move on.

1. After the breakup, think thoroughly about what led to end of the relationship, was it your fault or his? After getting an answer, do not blame yourself because at that point you will feel worse.

2. Simply get yourself together, cry as much as you can, don’t hold it in.

3. Don’t pester or beg him to take you back, by doing so, you sell short of yourself.

4. Don’t stalk him by checking what’s new about him via his social media account or asking mutual friends about him, you will only feel worse. 

5. Don’t call him or send him text message asking him why he broke your heart, neither should you prophesy your love for him again.

6. Pick up an hobby, keep yourself busy, hang out with friends, work hard to add more value to yourself and turn your hurt to a positive vibe to be tasty for success if you are not successful yet.

7. Take your time before going into another relationship, because if you rush into one just to make him feel jealous or to make him feel you have moved, would only hurt you more and hurt the new person.

8. Be very sure you are totally healed emotionally before going into a new relationship.

9. Learn from your mistake, take the lessons and imbibe it into your new relationship.

10. Do not compare your new man with your ex, every man is different, not all are monsters.

11. When you run into your ex, greet him formally and go, don’t stop to have any discussion. And smile genuinely when you greet him/her. This will make him/her know you don’t care anymore.