Actor Ejike Asiegbu

Veteran Nollywood actor Ejike Asiegbu has disclosed that his happiest day in life was the day he married his delectable wife.

This statement is always peculiar to ladies who take their wedding day to be their happiest because they have finally married their prince charming. But when such statement comes from a man it means there must be something very unique about it.

The actor who got wedded on February 13, 1999 said he met his alluring wife on set of a movie titled “Pregnant Virgin in Port Harcourt”

He confessed that her innocence, carriage,beauty and decency swept him off his feet.

In his words: “ I saw her and she had all the qualities I was looking for in my dream woman and by the time I spoke with her, it was already a forgone thing. She is a very, very friendly person, very respectful, very loving, very caring and her smile is capable of disarming any man.”