Nollywood actor, Tony Umez and his wife Patsy Ogochukwu just celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary. They got married in November 1999 and the marriage is still lovely while hundreds of celebrities’ marriages are crumbling.

Ever since he made a debut into Nollywood, in 1994, with the blockbuster movie, Died Wretched: Buried in N2.3m Casket, Tony has not stopped making great movies.

Hear what he said about his wife yesterday “My wonderful instafam, wadup? Hope y’all are kajad. Today, November 16, is my Wedding Anniversary, 17 years and still counting. May the Good Lord continue to richly bless our union and our four “fruits” I pray through Christ Our Lord, Amen.”

He once talked about how he met his wife “I met my wife on set. Our church was to do a programme and I was invited to feature in the film. My friend, who was supposed to play the lead role, did not come regularly I took the script and read it. I told them I would do no other role except the lead and they said it was okay. The day I went was the day my wife came too and she played my wife in the movie.”