Warri, a popular city in Nigeria’s southern region is one place to find very beautiful and attractive women if you are in search for one. Not only are they physically endowed, they tend to be the “ride or die” chick that most guys look for.

As expected, these girls are not a 100% perfect as there are certain things they do in relationships that are completely unnecessary and even a little cruel. Visiting Warri and looking to date a girl from the city? you may want to check out Jumia Travel’s list of 5 unnecessary things Warri girls do in relationships.

Demanding freebies from the man

Warri girls rarely ever plan to spend any of their own money on drinks at the bar or club. Instead, they count on their feminine wiles to convince guys to shell out for their libations. Likewise, when they are in a relationship, even if they are truly and genuinely in love with their partners, they expect to get freebies such as salon/hair money, cab fare, e.t.c.

Buying Presents for His Relatives

Warri girls tend to believe that a great way to get a man to commit is to ensure his family accepts and loves them. In a bid to secure their position as the favored “wife”, they tend to buy presents for the guy’s parents, siblings, and relatives. This is really unnecessary though as in reality, a man’s commitment is never based on how close you are to his family or how much investment you have made financially.

Wearing the Jersey of his Sports Team

Really? It is not uncommon to find a Warri girl who has no clue about football or who secretly loathes watching the game wearing the jersey of a football club with a random dude’s name on the back just because it’s her boyfriend’s club. Even worse is when they actually have a favorite team and instead don the colors of their man’s obsession because he asked them to.

Staying Overnight at His Place Every day

The Warri girl wants to ensure she knows every activity the man has lined up and so rather  than just spend the weekends with him, they include weekdays. They suffer the stress of preparing an overnight bag every single day. In fact, some just move in and redecorate. This is really unnecessary. Moving in with a guy before you are married is not a huge motivating factor for a Warri man or even any man who wants to fully commit to the relationship or move it forward.

Beat up the other girl or their bf

This is rather cruel but is a common occurrence with Warri girls in relationships. In the case where their partner cheats on them, they track down whoever he cheated with and beat up the girl or in some cases beat both the girl and their boyfriends up. Most of them do not hesitate to inflict any kind of physical pain on their partners without fear of repercussion. This is highly unnecessary, though, as the best solution to a cheating partner is usually to leave him.