Being in love is a beautiful thing, but falling in love is not as it is being portrayed in novels and movies and nobody can actually give an accurate account of what falling in love is like.

Falling in love takes a lot of courage, to open one’s heart to someone is not an easy thing to do which is why loving someone who does not love you in return is the worst feeling ever.

Below are a few things no one tells you about falling in love:

It’s terrifying: “It takes a whole lot of courage to open your heart to someone, which is why loving someone who doesn’t love you back it’s the worst kind of feeling ever, you are open to a lot of risks, cheating, disrespect and ultimately a breakup”.

You can love and hate someone at the same time: “This is why it takes more than love to sustain a relationship, we see couples getting divorced but they still love each other, that’s proof enough”.

You pick each other’s habits: “The person you love and loves you back rubs off some characters on you, these characters make you better or worse”.

Love doesn’t happen overnight: “Forget movies, no successful relationship begins overnight, you need to put in more effort to make it work which “means learning and falling in love over and over again with their good side as well as their flaws.

It takes more than love to work a relationship: You both need to agree on many things to stay together if you disagree a lot, the love you have for each other will never be able to hold you together”.

You have fights about senseless things: “It’s not possible to like everything about your partner, some things will definitely annoy you and most of them will lead to fights, it doesn’t mean you would break up, you’ll just be able to compromise more and get over your fights”.