Nigerian music rapper Ill Bliss has revealed how he had to battle Childlessness for 8 year, how he came through it without compromise and the positive lesson he learnt.

Many couple who have been struck with lack of a child in their marriage and we have witness problems after problem due to lack of a child, but Ill Bliss is grateful nothing of such happened to him.

Although that period of 8 years was the most challenging in his life, Ill Bliss has issued that he is a testimony and that this experience drew him closer to God his creator.

He said; “It was the most trying time of our lives as a couple, but we never had doubts about having a baby. We were only concerned about when we would have the baby. We waited, kept praying and stayed focused.

I don’t know where I got the strength from, to be honest. I see couples that are under pressure to have a child after six months of marriage and they are worried.

I waited for eight years and some months. My daughter turned nine months old this week. It is awesome and amazing to watch her grow. I am a testimony of God’s goodness. If God could do it for me after eight years, he can do it for anyone looking for a child. The experience brought me closer to God,” Ill Bliss said.