BBNajia 2021 star, Boma Akpore has declared that almost all married men in Nigeria cheats, rating the percentage at 98% of married men keep girlfriends.

Boma made the claim when defending why he got involved with a married housemate, Tega Offiong Dominic-Ajebo, during Thursday’s reunion show.

When asked why he thought that being involved with a married woman was good for his game? Boma told the show host, Ebuka Obi Uchendu that, “I didn’t say that what I did was right or wrong but I knew something that other housemates didn’t know, Tega told me she was separated at that time. But I didn’t say it because it was not my story to tell.

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95% of married men in Nigeria have girlfriends, probably 98. I would say things that people are afraid to say. 98% of married men in Nigeria have girlfriends. Who is footing all these girls’ bills? Almost every married BBNaija Bomaman has a girlfriend. All the things these girls are buying are being footed by married men.”