Folake Shadare, a former Miss Lagos and actress in the Yoruba genre of Nollywood in this interview, shares her experience in acting and spoke extensively on her next project Oluwajomiloju, a Yoruba movie fully translated in English language that parades the likes of music stars Pasuma Wonder and 9ice. Excerpts.

How did you feel when you emerged Miss Lagos?
I felt very happy, I was actually crying because I wasn’t expecting it. God is awesome.

How did you come into acting world?
There was a day I went to a friend’s house when I retuned from London and she was prepapring to go to location. To while away the time, she asked me to give it a trial and that was how I joined the movie industry.

Do you really have the flare for acting before you joined the industry?
Not really. I have been in showbiz for long. Like I said, I have been Miss Lagos and Miss Shomolu. I have about five crowns and all that. There was a time I went to the National Theatre to watch Night of Thousand Laughs and I saw Kate Henshaw. She asked me to come over to the industry to try my hands on acting in either English or Yoruba. I told her that one of those days I would give it a try and that was it.

How can you describe your relationship with Kate?
Yes it has been long, for about two years now I have not seen Kate, you know I don’t stay in Nigeria I always go in and out of Nigeria I have not been around.

What do you do when you travel abroad?
I do buying and selling. I come to Nigeria to buy things, I go back to sell and I use the money to buy things back to Nigeria to sell.

What exactly do you buy and sell?
They like costume gold in London, so I buy costume gold in large quantity from here to sell in London and on my way back I use the money to buy ladies things like costume jeweleries, shirts etc.

How many movies have you done so far?
I have done Omoge Campus, City girl, Yeye Oge. I have done about three to four movies abroad Imported Lomo, Oko Akata, just to mention few.

But Omoge Campus brought you to limelight?
Not really. There was this movie that brought me to limelight. I played only one scene in the movie the film was produced by Babatunde ‘2 ge 4’ I played a scene and about four sequences. When the film was released, people stated saying that is the girl and that was how I came into limelight the film actually launched me.

Are you sure the role you played in Omoge Campus, does not reflect your life?
It does not in any way reflect my life. Folake Shadare is a down-to-earth person, I don’t talk much or fight. I am a very gentle person.

You are one of those actresses that are scandal free. How have you been managing it?
Before I came into limelight I had so many friends. I enjoyed my life to the fullest but when I came in to the industry and I was celebrated as a star I said to myself all those things had to stop even when I am abroad. I don’t go out or go to parties. When I am to shop, I shop and come back to Nigeria. When you are reffered to as a public figure, you should try as much as possible to behave like one.

What is that thing that is keeping you going?
It is God. I have always been saying it in my movies. I wrote Oluwajomiloju just to interpret God’s work in my life. Oluwajomiloju happened to me in real life I just wanted the whole world to know that God is awesome. He is God of possibility that makes all things possible. Just believe in Him and you will surely be there.

Who are the stars in your coming movie, Oluwajumiloju?
Hip-hop star, 9ice, Pasuma, Ademola Adegoke Londoner, Prince Adeleke a.k.a Phobia and myself.

How true is it that you are not in good terms with other actresses?
It is not true and it can never be true, Almost all of them are my friends.

How have you been coping with male admirers?
I do take my time, I am not a snob at the same time God has been helping me.

Don’t you think your height and backyard drives men crazy?
I know I have the height and I command respect but go and ask those men I don’t really know what they see in me.

Are you in any relationship?
Yes I am.

Who is the lucky man?
Don’t worry, but I am getting married very soon.

Is the man an actor
He is not. Leave him alone for now.

What is your take on the happenings in the industry, especially ANTP, married couples separating, snatching of boy friends and so on
The whole thing is embarrassing, especially that of Fatia Balogun. She is my good friend when the whole thing started, I was in London we tried to settle everything, but we were unable to do so. But I think as a public figure we are like ambassadors, we are teaching the people. We are supposed to be practicing what we teach . I think they should be themselves and I pray very soon everything will be settled.

What should we be excepting from your Oluwajomiloju? Any difference from other films?
This one is very different. you don’t realy need to bother yourself. Let Oluwajoliloju come out you will really enjoy it.

Who is marketing it?
So many marketers have been coming arround, but I am really taking my time.

How will you define your relationship with GTB promotions?
Father and daughter relationship

What has been his role in your life?
He has been playing a fatherly role in my life since I lost my father four years ago. He wasn’t around then, but when I got back to London, I met him at shopping mall and we started all over again and since then, he has been giving qualityme advice.

Have you ever been jilted by any man?
No I am saying it with all pride that I have never been jilted. Like I told you, I will soon get married.

Advice for your Colleagues
We are not doing badly at all but I want to see us coming together as one. Rumour mill at home and aboard is embarrassing. we should all try and come back like one big family and with God on our side we shall be there.