A daring female model, who is also a student of the University of Lagos, flaunted her luscious bosom in a mind-controlling seductive professional photo-shoot.

Natasha Yamala, currently signed to Catch22 Model Management, is a 300 level Mass Communication student of the prestigious University of Lagos pursuing a blossoming career in the showbiz industry.

According to her, she is also into journalism as she runs a blog where she tests her writing skills. She also holds a National Diploma in the field of Mass Communication from Yaba College of Technology, Lagos.

According to reports, she was described as a determined and ambitious model who goes to extra lengths to create long-lasting impressions in the line of duty. This accounts for her recent private photo-shoot that has raised eyebrows on Instagram.

The name Natasha Yamala may sound foreign but she hails from Delta State, in the South-south region of Nigeria.

In an interview, she said:

“I am the only girl in between two boys, I also love cooking and when I’m not reading a crime/investigation novel, I’m writing” she said.

“Growing up, I was a tom-boy, being the only girl in between two boys, what would you expect? It was fun for me cos they just always seemed so cool and all they did was fascinating to me like climbing trees, doing “ultimate searches” just to win a biscuit or something. But I loved playing with them even if they would always bully but would never let someone else touch me.

“I guess it was their job to bully me and still protect me at the same time,” she added.