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Written by David Ajiboye

Executive Image Movies and Franco Films Presents: Emeka Ike, Nadia Buari, Chika Ike, Fredo Arico, Emeka Ani; Production Manager: Ben Ayosinti; Producer: Kenneth Okonkwo; Editor: Nnoshiri Charles Brain; Exec. Producer: Kenneth Okonkwo; Director: Ugo Ugbor; Principal Locations:

Ghana/Nigeria; 133 mins. 2009.

The movie, The Followers is a topic that invokes religious connotations as in ‘disciples’, but this is a film glorifying animism and devil worship with Christian church simply as a front. To a large extent however, the use of such plot device to carry the story to the finish line didn’t prove worthy at all. Watching this movie will make you to be asking yourself he essence of devil worship in the tract.

Sandra (Nadia Buari), an uppity clean cut young girl is forced by her mother to join her in the Wednesday prayer-worship at the church. At the church, while prayers go on inside, Sandra nonchalant, sits outside and toys with her cell phone.

Inside, one of the worshippers fall swoon on the floor obviously taken over by the demon but manages to enter the spirit of Sandra and provide her gateway to the underworld. In the underworld, Sandra is betrothed to a demon who won’t allow her marry to humans. He kills a suitor who meets Sandra’s mother asking for Sandra’s hand in marriage.

Having buried one suitor, burial or concern for the death of suitor not shown in the movie, Sandra meets Bob (Emeka Ike) the same guy who sacrificed his mother to the devil for the sake of getting rich in the Warriors of Satan. Without a glitch, Bob marries Sandra and except for occasional sneezes when Sandra’s underworld husband, the demon visits him in his office, the marriage continues unabated.

Sandra did not have any child with Bob but she did have two girls with the demon, as we see her feeding them in real life but lets them vanish into nothingness before Bob could enter the living room. In the last scenes of the Followers, the Demon airlifts Bob from in the arms of Sandra as they lay asleep in the bedroom, and deposits him by the way side at the thoroughfare in the heart of the city, while he takes Bob’s place by Sandra. The film ends.

To be honest, you’ll feel disappointed when the curtain went down on this movie. Unless part three might be in the making, I could call this a cliff-hanger resolution. What powers Bob might have possessed that makes him not killed by the Demon like did the first suitor, and there’s not a single confrontation between Bob and the spirit world. This here makes the story flat. No intensity. Nada.

Pastor Jude’s flirtatious and sexual gestures toward his female followers in the church are used understandably as an exposition. But even in the face of such device, the scenes and incidents are so long that they take on a life of their own.

This movie would have hit the mark if there was to have been a confrontation between the gods of the underworld as is in the Trojan War over Helen. Pastor Jude would have inherited Bob to redeem his wife Sandra from the grips of the Demon. In speaking structurally, we would have enjoyed the essence of the followers if there had been open war of the gods over their human interests, and not their non-sense in the picture.