Sometimes I wonder how two people would consciously had a passionate time out and thereafter, a natural process occurs, that I could quite well say is always thought out and expected before the “sweet” session. Then I wonder why there is the element of surprise, after everything went on in full consciousness, the young man will be looking for an escape and asking questions like: “Are you sure it’s mine?” Wrong question, especially when you’re aware of the events that led to the present situation.

I know it matters very little in our community; but I ask: do you support abortion? It will amaze you and I how many young ladies have had an abortion once, or twice.

Two friends decide that their coming baby was a “mistake” and they conclude the best thing to do is to end this new precious life. But do they really have the right to do that? I do not know. It’s being contested all over the world you know; so let me not pass a comment on that one, but if you ask me, not authoritatively; I will say it’s a no-no; that’s a life with all the potentials any CEO, governor, professional has… you just never know.

I can imagine that as some dream of having a baby and a couple goes to work at it, night after night, drugs and prescriptions, fertility procedures, etc.; it’s amazing that another person could be so fertile and then just decide to dump it off for the sake of maybe pride, shame, incapability or societal pressure. Most amazing I must say.

So, why this entire drab talk on abortion? Am I really coasting on some air where I shouldn’t be? Maybe, maybe not; but it’s telling me something about everyone of us.

Look at it this way: A woman conceives and after nine months, she has a child. It’s a natural cycle: the pain, the bloating of the skin, the funny mental twitches; salivating and spitting, getting all moody and disturbed: it’s all in the cycle and there’s a reward for braving it out: a new beautiful life.

For me, it has something to tell me about our purpose and visions, our lives as a whole. The way we are born some way leaves us a lesson as to the things we will face in life, especially what mama went through. Fulfillment requires bravery and hope. The nine-month period of a woman’s pregnancy cycle is probably something she never gets used to, even after several; she’s an expert, but still it never feels easy, correct me if I’m wrong ladies; I’m a man after all.

It’s the same way, when you have a dream or an assignment; it comes with a peculiar set of challenges.

Some people do not have the bravery to deliver their dreams; as such they abort it! They fear failure, disappointment and the mental and physical exertions. Like the young lovers who have to abort their child; many abort their precious destinies to conform to the expectations and safety margins of society. The periods of pain and confusion are a part of the entire life plan!

When you’re working towards your dream, you’re making several alterations and changes to your life, your environment, people around and your life’s resources. These directly impact your mind state and your heart. They give you the same pinching and pain a mother feels. What I’m trying to say is; giving birth to successes is a chain of uncertainties and is never comfortable. But the power lies in using the magic of faith and focus in transforming the uncertainties to certainties and filtering the confusion; determining what is important against what is not. What demands and requires your attention; when this is done, you can now throw in energy at the important points and give birth to your success.

Don’t keep your dream too long in the womb that it gets still and lifeless, so lifeless you will be unable to move it. Focus on the nine months and decide you will deliver your baby. Abortion is the worst thing you can do. You become so scared you lose the fight before a punch is thrown, your heart frets and your dream baby chokes and then gets a heart-stopping stroke.

Who has ever got it easy? Except the thief! Even then, he works! But most of us are so undisciplined; we want all the gain without wanting to pay up for it. There’s a price. A mother pays hers for nine months. At the end of it she sees that brand new face that has never been; Never.

The successful entrepreneur will tell you of the treacherous road up, the betrayal and lack of confidence many bestowed on him. How many times he felt like having an abortion; just ending the battle and putting down the swords. Lying in mediocrity and “safety” is an easy way to abort any dream; just get so scared to work at it and it gets snuffed out over time.

Ask yourself truthful questions; the people and circumstances you blame for all the failed dreams and ended visions; are they really the problem? Or is it you being so silly and gutless to change your life for the better. Some have a great opportunity right in their eyes and they can’t get it to work for them, they make excuses and shy away from the obvious truth: you have to seize the opportunity or lose it altogether and it may well be just once! Yes.

Nothing will come easy; yes there’s place for some favours and kind gestures with you doing little or nothing; but you would be the most miserable person living with those sort of expectations alone. Think of it like this: NOTHING TRULY VERY PRECIOUS WILL BE GIVEN EASILY. Life has pearls for you, precious pearls, gems with all colours, but they are hidden deep in the sands. Many of us don’t know it, but against the backdrop of rumours and speculation of diminishing resources; there’s a vast pool of diamonds and emeralds beneath. You know why it seems scarce? You’ve got some smart diggers; shoving in so fast and filling their bags; and what are you doing? Pitying yourself; waiting for favours and aborting your dreams. You better pick up the shovel, get the digger and work it out. Even that favour you seek, is like standing by for someone to dig and pass you some stones: you know what he’s going to give you? The stone with the most defects! Get into the mine pit today!

Abortion. Many argue that it’s the mother’s choice; well, maybe, but she loses a child right? And the father may have unknowingly lost his best child; well, he will never find out; so it may never matter; but for me, I like to know what I’m missing and what I’ve missed. Same it is with your dreams, it’s for you, for your success, for your joy; but if you make the choice to abort, fine! But don’t go crying when you can’t have any more!

You are a person with a purpose, you’re no loser, you’re not the one to always follow and watch; you’re not the watcher, the admirer, you’re not the gossip and talker; you too have something in you. But if you decide to gaze, life will have no mercy on you; it will assist the abortion process.