Cal her Thick Madam, for that was the title of the flick that launched pretty Ini Edo into the motion picture industry, in 2003. Since then, the nickname has stuck, although, not on her fans’ lips but in her nature, as she has always developed a thick skin for all that come with her status in the industry.

Ini Edo stands tall where her peers seem to be on tenterhooks. In all of movies she has featured so far, she would tell you she has had a few challenging moments, parts of which are stories peddled here and there about her. These stories, however, have been confirmed to be untrue but her image as a movie star comes as most challenging.

Of course, as a star, she would not escape being harassed either by media smoking guns or men who dance to the dictate of unholy urge but have little to up her career, but she has been saved the error of fallen for both. For the media, she believes maturely that media scandals can’t be slipped by once the target is a public person-a celebrity. Also, she would confess she has always been careful not to fall for sugar-coated male admirers who will add nothing to her image and name and career.

In my recent reports about her and Tonto Dike, a lot of her fans have been calling to readdress the issue, for the sake of clarity, I want to seize this opportunity to state that, all the stories are mere speculations and therefore not true. I sincerely apologise for all the erroneous reports by this authority on the versatile Nollywood star. My heartfelt apologies also go to her hubby, Philip Ememagwina, Globacom Telecommunication, the brand she represents and her entire fans.