We’ve all encountered them, the rude, untidy and unpleasant ushers at events. No matter how organised a party or gathering is, a rude usher can turn the experience into a nightmare and even if the usher is not rude, a scruffy one can put guests off. These are some of the reasons Miss Joke Adegun, CEO of Xqwizit said motivated her to start an ushering firm with ’a soul’.

Right now the one time banker Joke Adegun is successfully melding ushering into entertainment as Xqwizit happens to be the toast of high society events in Nigeria.

Talk about the Xquizit ushers they cannot be missed at events as they always come as stunningly good looking young men and women wearing beautiful outfits from Ancient, Colonial, Asian, Royalty, Fairies/Angels, Cheerleaders, Roman, Arabian, Egyptian, 70’s, 80’s, Traditional and a host of other unique-costumes. Speaking further on why she has chosen to be standing in parties other than sitting like other distinguished guests, Joke Adegun said “finding ushers that are equipped with modern-day strategy to prevent the usual chaos and disorganization that can occur at events was so difficult before now, you see people spend so much money but still end up with chaotic events. This is why I took it upon myself to start up Xqwizit; an ushering outfit that can put an end to all party misery”.