Ali Nuhu Mohammed (born 15 March 1974) is a Nigerian film actor, producer, director, dancer and script writer He acts in both Hausa and English movies and is often referred as the “King of Kannywood” by the media, Kannywood referring to the Hausa film industry headquartered in Kano, Nigeria.

The actor was married on March 14 2003 to his lovely and beautiful wife Maimuna Garba Ja Abdulkadir and the marriage has grown stronger.

Ali is considered to be the most popular Hausa actor in the world. In terms of social media presence, he has almost 145,000 followers on Twitter, 1,600,000 on Facebook and 581,000 plus on Instagram. Ali is by far the most interactive Kannywood star on social media and the most followed male celebrity in the Kannywood industry.


Still with this fame, he has been able to put his marriage together even getting advances from his female fans he has been able to paddle them aside and face his wife.

The marriage between the pair has given birth to two children a boy and a girl named Ahmad Nuhu, Fatima Nuhu for the couple.

There were reports of the actor planning on taking a second wife but that didn’t materialize.

The actor is a scandal free actor as far as Nollywood is concern, no records or reports so far.