Actor Fred Amata regrets quitting his marriage

All has not been the same for Veteran producer and actor, Fred Amata since he ended his marriage to his ex-wife, Agatha Amata.

The actor who said this recently, made it known that the separation from his wife is the only regret he has had over the years.

The actor said, “On a professional note, there has not been a role; whether as an actor, director, writer, producer or even marketer that I have taken and regretted. But, perhaps, I could have striven for a path that would have led to me still being married at this time.”

The former couple parted ways in 2005 and since then, they have never had the opportunity to be close to each other.

Through power and stardom, Fred believes that Nollywood could change culture and traditions.

He said, “The audio-visual medium is the most powerful communication tool ever. Nollywood produces star power, and with proper use of that star power and communication, the industry has the  ability to change ideologies, habits, cultures and traditions.”

Talking about the evolution of Nollywood, the veteran opined that different sectors of the industry were growing at their pace. He said, “Nollywood is evolving. All the sectors are evolving individually; though some faster than others. For instance, lighting is evolving differently from sound. Technology has impacted immensely on lighting. Acting, which is perhaps at the forefront of that evolution, is maintaining a pace, while script writing has grown to adopt a more structured three-act plot, amidst challenges from industry practices. Production and financing are experiencing growth as the industry unfolds as well.”

Recalling the highlights of his time as the president of the Directors Guild of Nigeria, he said, “That was more than five years of waking daily with the single-mindedness to better the cause of the industry. I thank those who embarked on that harrowing journey with me.”