I dump my education to become a video vixen – Actress Beverly Osu

Nollywood actress, Beverly Osu has narrated how she dumped her educational pursuit to become a model.

The model said she discontinued her university studies because of criticism she suffered from different individuals when she was in school.

Involved as a video vixen since the age of 16, the Babcock University dropout had to juggle between her career and school.

“In Babcock University everything was nice and education was going well but because I was on TV at the age of 16 as a video vixen.

“Nigerians did not understand the term video vixen then so they always used to criticise me and take pictures to school. I used to get in trouble in school every weekend, and I mean every weekend,” she said.

On why she left the institution, she said, “I just felt that let me leave before it gets sour, you know how Babcock is, it’s very strict for lack of a better word. I left because I felt so comfortable doing what I was doing and I knew I could balance it, so I left.”