Actor Jim Iyke is still swimming in the pool of drama his ex-girlfriend Tutupie pushed him into. And now, there’s yet another controversy that may well drown the scandal-prone actor.

NET investigations have revealed that, contrary to widespread belief that Iyke has adopted two kids from a Kaduna based charity which he is also funding, the actor has only ever given N40,000 to the home, and has not been there on visit in a very very long time.

Jim Iyke launched his debut music album (’Who Am I?) last year, promising to devote a large chunk of the proceed to the Adonai Orphanage home and Widows Centre run by Mrs Margaret Afuwape.

But, following allegations by Jim’s ex Tutu, that Jim never remmitted funds to the home, NET reporters took a trip to Kaduna, to find out whether Jim’s lover is telling lies in a desperate bid to get back at her ex; or the actor actually has skeletons in his cupboard.
Adonai is located at Salama Close, Gwari Avenue, Garnawa, in Kaduna. Running now for over 10 years, the orphanage is home to 38 children and 52 widows. And the proprietress Mrs Afuwape tells NET ”we’ve been surviving through the grace of God and the goodwill of religious institutions”.

”No Jim has not been sponsoring any child here; the only time he gave money to us was last year September when we went to Abuja for his foundation launch. He gave us N40,000 when we were returning and promised to give us more but we have not received anything from him because he said the people who pledged have not paid.

They said they were going to sponsor two children, I sent their names but up till now, we have not gotten a reply. So they have not sponsored anybody here”

”What he told us is that the people who pledged have not redeemed their pledge hence he can’t get money to us. When he doesn’t owe me money, I can’t force him. What are we to do then?”

Afuwape also adds: ”He visited us last in year 2005 and we have since moved to another place and Jim doesn’t even know our new place”

”He called two days ago January 29, 2010 and complained that I was telling people he gave the orphanage N40,000 and that he doesn’t care. He said he was very disappointed in me so I told him I couldn’t lie since I am a minister of God. I told him he has not been here to see us, he only sent his manager to invite us to Abuja last year that’s all”.

However, the now embattled Jim Iyke insists his hands are clean; very clean. Speaking through his publicists BigSam Media, Iyke explains: ‘‘We didn’t want to trade words with this lady but since it is an issue of integrity, we will be issuing a press release regarding the allegations that Jim has been diverting money meant for his orphanage. Jim never said he was raising money for an orphanage at his album launch. He only said he’ll be giving thirty percent of the proceedings at the album launch to the orphanage. Go back and listen to the tapes but unfortunately, most of the people who pledged have not redeemed their pledge”

”The likes of Terry Waya, Moses Oliseh , Don P and other influential Nigerians in Abuja (made pledges) but they have not given money to Jim. Even the lady in question Tutupie can testify that Jim sent her to Terry Wayas to inquire about the money he promised”, his spokesperson said.