Actor Kanayo O Kanayo Advises Parents To Question Children’s Wealth

Veteran Nollywood actor, Kanayo O Kanayo has advised parents and guardians to question the sudden wealth of their children and wards.

The thespian, who is known for acting the role of a ritualist in most of his movies warned parents against collecting monetary gifts from their children without finding out the source.

In a viral clip, Kanayo urged parents to inculcate the habit of questioning their kids on where and how they get things, stating that their lackadaisical attitude was breeding more corrupt mindsets in their children.

He advised that parents should be mindful of accepting expensive gifts from their kids, especially when they are not actively doing anything substantial.

“Your daughter is 20, she is using a phone of N1.5 m, then she gives you N100,000 and you fail to ask questions about the source. You wouldn’t live long.

“That is what is killing a lot of parents. Your son who is not working returns home with some money or a car, and you do not ask questions. I’m warning you,” he said.