We were the first to serve you the salacious story of how two popular Nollywood actresses (Maryann Apollo and Joy Agbor) are fighting each other over petty issues. Joy Agbor had accused her friend Maryann of eyeing her man. She even went ahead to allege that she can’t live with anybody given her attitude and strange habits. Both lived together before they quarreled.

Not it is Maryann’s turn to vent her venom on the lady she calls a non-entity. She even said she would be doing a great harm to her person if she stoops to exchange words with her.
So, she left Joy alone, taking us through a decade of acting that has seen her stare in more than 40 movies. And denying dating star actor, Ramsey, she talked about the man in her life and the qualities that made her fell for him.
Still single and happy (she says she is still a young woman), Maryann is from Nkor, Cross River State. She studied Theatre Arts at the University of Calabar. More about her…

What has been happening to Maryann Apollo?
A whole lot of things. I am still acting. But I buy and sell. I am a restless person. So, I can’t be idle when there are not scripts. And interestingly the kind of things I buy to sell when I travel out are thing I like. I buy jewelry.

How would you describe yourself?
I think I have a dual personality. Maryann, the girl you see on screen and the real me. Some love the crazy me on stage but they don’t know the other me. This same girl is a Born Again Christian.

This Born Again stuff, when did it start?
I have always been. It is not what I started proclaiming lately. I am a member of Assemblies of God Church.

You haven’t told us the movies that shot you to limelight?
I have lost count of my work. But I can still remember the one like Lost Battle, The Wind, No Mercy, My Time, Hard Justices, Disciples of Death, Home Apart, Player No 10, My Throne, Deception, Passion of Life, Commanding Wife, Iron Lady, Blazing Heat, and Disguise amongst others. In fact, I have done well over 50 movies. Some come with working title they change after shooting.

Why are you still single?
I find it unreasonable when people question why a lady is not married. Marriage means a whole lot to different people. To me, it is a serious thing. It is one big university without graduates. Nobody till date has graduate from this great institution. It is not a joke. If you don’t know God, you lose it.
Men who are after you are coming because of your name. They want something from you. So, I have to be very careful when my man comes, I will get married. I am still a young woman. My marriage is in God’s hand.

What is the worst thing you have read about Maryann Apollo?
To me, any story about me is publicity. It may be good. It may be bad. I see things as they come. I am a realistic person. Nothing moves me.

What is really happening between you and your friend Joy Agbor?
Everybody knows me in this country. Uche, you know me. I can’t condescend to her level.

But why don’t you react to all the allegations she is levelly against you. She said you want to
snatch her man. She also said you expect her to wash your pants…

The issues are trivial. I don’t have an answer, I told you initially, I won’t talk to you if the issues are trivial. At least out of every ten people you ask something about me, two know me. My name and reputation is not what everybody can destroy. I am a child of God. You know me. Don’t you?
I can’t share a man with Joy Agbor. We are world’s apart. For goodness sake I am enlightened. I have two degrees. She wants to climb up the ladder with my name. You go ahead finish with her. When you are through, call me. I am talking because I have a great deal of respect for Encomium.

But joy should be your friend?
(Silence) Please don’t get me upset.

What about the issue of squatting since you came to Lagos?
That’s another madness. I rate myself as an important person in this country. That is trivial. I don’t have an answer.

They even said you once dated Ramsey Noauh?
That is somebody’s husband mind you. Talk about me and leave him out of this.

But are you in a relationship?
I am in a serious relationship.

How would you describe him?
He is caring and nice.

What was the attraction?
He never knew I was an actress. He didn’t know Maryann Apollo. He knew me. And I didn’t want to tell him I was the popular girl on screen. He just loved whom he saw at the moment. That’s love.

How long have you been dating?
Two years.

What do you cherish most about your man?
He is a Christian. He has a good heart. He can give you all he has to make you happy. He us always ready to help.

Let’s talk about the sweetest thing about being an actress?
You are easily recognized. Acting also opens door for you.

What has it not done for you?
I can’t be that ungrateful to God. He has done every good thing for me.

So, who do you look up to in Nollywood?
I look up to God. I don’t look up to people. I get my inspiration from people. I love Edith Jane Azuh. She is a beautiful actress.

What do you cherish from friendship?
My friend can’t say bad things at my back.

Are you now saying that Joy Agbor has betrayed friendship?
Action speaks louder than voice. Her case is trivial.

What was growing up like?
I am from a polygamous family. It wasn’t smooth, but I thank God for everything. If I were from a rich family, I would’t have turned out well.

Can you tell us more about you?
I studied Theatre Arts in the University of Calabar. I joined Nollywood in 1998.