Nigerian Nollywood actress Michelle Dede has shared her experiences in the hands of some police officers who keep harassing and assaulting her and some other female citizens.

According to Michelle, the police checkpoint that is situated at Adebimpe Drive in Lekki Phase 1 area of Lagos has witness police officers constantly harass women asking them for money.

She said on this particular occasion she was coming back from a Virgil night when they got to the checkpoint, the policemen that mounted there asked them to come down and that they wanted to search the car.

But instead of searching the car has they had suggested the refused and only wanted to search her hand bag and wallet to remove money, she said this is not the first time such incident is happening.

When she refused allowing them search her wallet, they started pushing her and called her different kinds of names insinuating that she was a pr-s-itu-e even after she told them she was coming from a night Vilgil.