Nigerian actress Biodun Okeowo  aka Omobutty is constantly becoming the pawn of criticism by follower who seems to find a cause to attack her in any post or statement she makes.

Recently she was heavily blasted by fans who believed she lied in her grass to grace story which she revealed that she got married while she was a virgin.

In a previous interview which she had granted, she had said otherwise and this really got her fans and critics to come after her.

In this recent blast by a fan, she had shared a photo which a fan who thinks she wore a waist trainer in the picture. The fan has advised her to stay true to herself which she knows she does not have the hour glass shape and she should not try to suffocate her intestines just to look good.

See the beef between them;

Jaaron_juice: Waist trainer o. Stop suffocating your intestines o. I have watched your movies severally o.. It wasn’t exactly like this MA@officialomobutty

Officialomobutty: @jaaron_juice and what’s your business madam? Is it your intestines instagram doctor. Please take your negativity off my page. Just say you’re intimidated.

Jaaron_juice: I am not intimidated.. I am just not gullible like some social media parasites that are easily swayed by deceitful celebrities like your kind.. Stay true to yourself .you do not have this hour glass shape.. Wake-up from your mirage @officialomobutty

Officialomobutty: @jaaron_juice you must be crazy upstairs. Go see your optician sure need one girl. Get off my page jare I have no time for an idiot like you.

Officialomobutty: @jaaron_juice you’re sure the parasite. See how stupid you are.. calling people made of God parasites, what is your pain gangan?